Visual Studio's XAML designer can sometimes encounter errors during display. This tells you how to debug issues with the designer so your design time experience is successful. ... Open the problem project in Visual Studio and get to the designer to trigger the problem. ... UPDATE 10/25/2017: This may be fixed as part of this issue in VS 2017 15.5.Hello Asier, Having researched this issue, we found that it relates to Visual Studio 2017 Toolbox and occurs if an SDK library contains a class with a constructor with one parameter. We have submitted a corresponding report at A custom control is not visible on the VS 2017 toolbox.Please follow this report to be informed about the progress of this issue.
Oct 16, 2014 · First, let me say that I think this extension is great and is working very well on runtime. However, I have one issue currently with the design-time support in Visual Studio 2013 on my WPF project. I am using the ResxLocalizationProvider. The texts from the resource file does not show up in the designer until after I restart Visual Studio.
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