Recommended Katana PAs. Asagiri Rendan Dash forward and perform a series of slashes around you. If you do a dodge you will cancel this early. The damage and area of effect isn’t that spectacular, so this skill is mainly used for movement. Dec 08, 2017 · For example, if you wish to unlock lvl 80 for Br, you have to get a +35 13 star new type katana or bow for the first title, and finish The Perfect Braver CO series (which have 4 CO) for second title. According to your question, you are just half done for each class, you finished first title for Hu and second title for Br.
Hi guys I'm new to this game and to the Phantasy star universe. But from what i've seen on some clips over on youtube I think I really like the Katana gameplay, so I should start a Braver and sub Hunter right? is there anything else starting from there I would need to take note?
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