Please note, you should always make your car loan payments as scheduled even if you are in the middle of the refinancing process. Moreover, just because in this example you make your last payment on your old loan in month 12 and make your first payment on your new loan the next month does not mean that the car loan refinancing process can ... Sep 01, 2006 · In addition to the protections afforded to qualifying purchasers of mortgage loans in §546(e) and (f), a purchaser can take additional pre-petition action by obtaining a pre-petition deposit from the seller as security for the seller's repurchase obligations under the mortgage loan sale agreement.
USDA, VA and other specialty loan types may allow for a 100 percent LTV for a purchase loan. Refinance Options for Borrowers with a Loan to Value Ratio Over 100%. Borrowers with an extremely high loan-to-value ratio are considered “upside-down” on their mortgage, i.e., the value of their house is less than their loan amount.
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