May 15, 2017 · The wonderful programmer MrBuddyCasino implemented bluetooth I2S audio and I quickly added OLED support for it. ... Bluetooth audio 2ch receiver by ESP32 and PCM5102A ... AM Radio Transmitter on ... The ESP32 a powerful IOT tool. In this Instructable i will teach you how to make a connected IOT prototype to measure moist such as oils in a steel pan. Also a servo will open the lid when the food gets too hot. The temperature will not be measured by a sensor.
Jul 21, 2019 · ESP8266 & NRF24L01 Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitoring. In this tutorial we will learn how to make wireless communication between Arduino board and NodeMCU ESP8266 using the NRF24L01 transceiver module and upload data on Thingspeak Server, i.e. ESP8266 & nRF24L01 Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitoring using Thingspeak Server.
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