Jul 09, 2019 · Redis DSN will be available as an environment variable REDIS_URL so we can use it everywhere we need it. Redis as a Cache Storage. Django does not support Redis internally, so we need to use the extra package. We are going to usedjango-redis. It’s full-featured Redis cache backend for Django. pip install django-redis Using Memcached with Django. To use Memcached as a cache for your Django website edit your Django’s settings.py file as described in the “Django’s cache framework” page of Django’s documentation. Add the following CACHE settings to settings.py:
It too is available as a memoization decorator you use in Django. And it uses the default cache framework as a storage. It used inspect on the decorated function to build a cache key. In benchmarks running both django-memoize and django-cache-memoize I found django-cache-memoize to be ~4 times faster on average.
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