Cheerleading has established itself as a legitimate and demanding competitive sport, combining the essence of dance, fitness training and gymnastics. Cheer/spirit squads and their coaches are discovering what gymnasts and dancers have known for years: You can't buy better than Norbert's at any price. Mat Color Options. Resilite mats are available in 15 vibrant colors. The double-coated, 18-ounce, puncture- and tear-resistant vinyl fabric leads to excellent product longevity. The fabric is infused with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and cleans easily with mild soap & water or mat disinfectant. Shop Cheer Mats
We use a Superior Athletic Surface Disinfectant and Cleaner. This is a concentrated formula for Wrestling/Gymnastic Mats, Sports Floors and Courts, Turf Fields, Exercise Equipment, Sports Equipment, Lockers Rooms, Whirlpools/Tubs, and Playground Equipment.
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