We hope our site will help with selecting of a reliable and safe car. By using this tool, you will be able to get records with description of safety issues for vehicles, equipment, tires and child restraints. These issues include safety recalls for your BMW 3 SERIES 2006 suspension:front:control arm and complaints other owners have filed. Nov 05, 2013 · As for an increase in performance, this would be relative to just what swap was being done. The E30 M3 control arms are aluminum and will decrease the unsprung weight at each front suspension point, allowing the suspension to react quicker.
5. Remove the under engine cover. There are some plastic plugs up front and screws underneath. The screw layout is going to vary depending on model. 6. Drop the engine cover. 7. Here you can see the both the control arm mounts. 8. Drivers sides mount. You can see how the chassis brace is in the way of the rear bolt. 9.
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